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Moringa Shampoo with Rosemary & Nastartium

Moringa Shampoo with Rosemary & Nastartium

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Moringa Shampoo from Kijani is the perfect choice for those looking to nourish their hair. Formulated with moringa extract, rosemary, and nasturtium, the sulfate-free formulation is designed to deeply cleanse and nourish the hair. Allow your hair to shine and be healthy with moringa Shampoo from Kijani.

Ingredients: Moringa oleifeira extract, rosemary extract, nasturtium extract, water, vegetable glycerine, coco glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, d-panthenol, citric acid, germa plus, essential oils & fragrance oils View full details


Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we offer delivery within Arusha for produce and perishable items. We plan to ship non-perishable items internationally soon.

Are the fruits and vegetables organic?

Currently no. We plan to provide mostly organic produce after we find reliable organic farmers.

Are your artisan products produced locally?

Yes, all of our artisan products are produced in Tanzania, or in the countries around Tanzania.